Senior Portrait Ordering Information

Packages can be ordered from your senior portrait images according to the following guidelines: Packages are composed of combinations of “8x10 units”. An 8x10 unit is a sheet of photographic paper which is 8x10 inches in size which can hold various sizes of the same image. All of the images on a particular sheet must be from the same pose.

The units that are available are:

A. 1-8x10

B. 2-5x7’s

C. 4-4x5’s

D. 8-wallets

E. 16 mini-wallets

F. 1-5x7 and 4 wallets

G. 1-5x7 and 2-4x5's

H. 2-4x5'sand 4-wallets

There is a minimum order of three units. You can order from more than one pose if you wish. The cost of your package includes one pose retouch for facial blemishes. This pose would normally be the one you choose to put in the yearbook. Additional pose retouches can be done at a cost of $6.00 per pose.

Pkg. 1 (any combination of 3 of the units above)------$59.95

Pkg. 2 (any combination of 5 of the units above)------$89.95

Pkg. 3 (any combination of 7 of the units above)-----$119.95

Pkg. 4 (any combination of 10 of the units above)---$159.95

Pkg. 5 (any combination of 15 of the units above)---$209.95

Prices for extra prints ordered in addition to a package at the same time the package is ordered: For any 8x10 unit when less than 15 are ordered-----$15.00 each

For any 8x10 units beyond 15--------------------------------------------------$12.00 each

11x14 mounted on mat board---------$44.95

11x14 canvas mounted-------------------$89.95

16x20 mounted on mat board---------$84.95

16x20 canvas mounted------------------$124.95

A deposit of at least 50% of your order is due at the time your order is placed.