Thank you Jasmine for coming in to be photographed on Thursday. We enjoyed photographing you and we think we got some good pictures for you to choose from!

Senior portraits have a minimum order of 3 "8x10 units". A 3-unit package is $59.95. Additional 8x10 units after the first 3 units are $12.00 each.    

An 8x10 can consist of :

A. 1-8x10

B. 2-5x7's alike

C. 4-4x5's alike

D. 8 wallets alike

E. 1-5x7 and 4-wallets alike

Call us when you have decided on the poses you like and place your order.  We should have your prints ready in 10 days or so!! If you  have any questions, call us at 386-792-2434.