I enjoyed photographing the Class of 2018 of Corinth Christian Academy in their caps and gowns! As a special "thank you" I have decided to provide each senior with an 8x10 (or 5x7 if you prefer) of your group picture at no charge! Just choose from the images below and use the file number for the picture you would like to have! 

You have pre-paid for a package consisting of four  "units" of photographs from your sitting.

A "unit" consists of an 8"x10" sheet of photo paper and can contain a variety of sizes of photos, all of the same pose.

These are the portrait units that are available:

A. 1-8x10

B. 2-5x7's

C. 4-4x5's

D. 8-large wallets

E. 16-small wallets

F. 1-5x7 and 4 large wallets 

G. 1-5x7 and 2-4x5's

You can order from multiple poses in your package, as long as each unit contains only one pose. 

If you order more than 4 units in your package, the extra units will be $10.00 each and can be paid for with a credit card over the phone when you give me the contents of your package order. You can also mail a check to me at Jasper Studios, 108 SW Fifth Street, Jasper, FL 32052, or come by and see me at the studio.

Tax is already included in the stated prices.

Finished packages would be ready about 10 days after all orders have been placed with me.

Basic retouching for facial blemishes is included on all poses that are ordered in packages.

Larger sizes are also available:

11x14 (unmounted) -----$20.00

11x14 Mounted on heavy mat board)---$25.00

16x20 (mounted on heavy mat board)--$60.00

You may place your order by calling me or texting me at 386-397-0626. You can also email your order to me at jasperstudios@aol.com. Please feel free to call with any questions you may have.

Jasper Studios accepts checks and credit cards (MC and VISA).